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A couple of ideas to fund an ad-free forum:


1) An annual crowd-funding appeal for sufficient monies to keep concertina.net alive for another year. This could work a bit like the way that NPR in the States raises money for its operations. Define a target amount and nag users until the goal is reached, then turn it off for another year. The only ads that we would see would be the appeal ads for the crowd-funding campaign.


2) (Longer-term, hopefully) Encourage folks to leave a concertina to the forum in their will. This could then be sold or auctioned on the forum to raise money for the future. This may seem a bit macabre, but I suspect that many of us are getting on in years and perhaps wondering what will happen to our concertinas once we 'cross the bar'. I do not think that a non-playing relative would have an easy time realizing the value of a concertina, and I suspect that many just get put on a shelf and mostly forgotten about.


Thanks Don. Yes, I think we'll go with option #1 once I evaluate the ongoing costs. The upgrade is now in motion, coming soon... fingers crossed it goes smoothly!





Just out of curiosity: Has my suggestion in #28 simply gone out of focus or considered unworthy even discussing right from the start?




Sorry, didn't mean to ignore, but as you can see, we already have one (Kensington Concertinas) constant and reliable advertiser/sponsor. If you've been here a while, no doubt you've also seen ads from other shops and builders, but most eventually drop off or take extended breaks once their order books fill up. I just don't have the time or energy to devote to chasing them down...





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