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Routine Maintenance

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As a fairly new player of the Anglo concertina, a question has come to mind. Im sure I could search around and come up with an answer, but being lazy, I thought Id just ask here. Having played stringed instruments, I know they require routine maintenance to keep them in optimal playing condition.


I have just acquired a nice used Edgley, I want to keep it in optimal condition. So is there normal preventive things I should do? Or is it normal to just play it until a malfunction then get it fixed?



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I asked the same question when I got my Morse. I was told NOT to not oil the leather bellows because the oil could seep into and destroy the card stock that gives the leather shape.

Do use one of those soft cleaning cloths (chamois?) to wipe the dust out of the bellows once in a while.

Don't play and eat Doritos or anything else that will affect the finish on the wood. (Also because, ew. Doritos.)

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Thanks. Doritos? Havent eaten any for a very long time. If I drink enough beer to spill it I cannot play, so not a problem there-lol. As an alternative to cleaning dust out of bellows with a cloth, I have found a shaving brush (without the lather) (dry) to work well - also good for dusting fret boards on stringed instruments. Thanks also to Don Taylor who sent me an Edgley manual!

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Here are a few odd points.

Keep fingernails trimmed - can damage finish around buttons.


Protect from wild changes in environmental humidity - important if the soundboard is not plywood.
If I recall from Edgley's web site he will make his concertinas with both
"traditional soundboard" or a plywood soundboard, depending upon what the customer requests.
Find out what your soundboard is made of.

Give Frank Edgley a call with concertina number and ask him for his thoughts.

If the finish is really nice, not a bad idea to wash and remove sweat, oil, etc from hands before playing it.

Store in a place where is protected BUT readily accessible. If it is hidden away, practice time may go
down or even stop as the months wane into years.

Seek out all the concertina care threads on this site - there are MANY !!

A good resource is


If there is a particular surface where there is more potential for abrasion, such
as the surface that is on the lap; rubbing a little bit of beeswax of that particular surface
can reduce friction, or at least protect the finish somewhat.

Keep away from sunlight and extreme heat as in a car in parking lot.

Hope these random points help.

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The prices quoted there on Amazon are ridiculous. Best to get from the publisher at http://www.mally.com/details.asp?id=73,

or from Dave himself at http://www.concertina-repair.org.uk/page11.html.


I confirm it is a very useful resource though.

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