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I have inhereted this concertina from my father who played it exceptionally well. Hope someone can give me information on it.


It is a Wheatstone, has eight sides (not 6) and 8 bellows; have 41 keys and is in excellent condition. The number on it is 56468.


Can anyone tell me its age and other interesting information on it?

What woukd the value be? Attached kindly see some pictures







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If you sell this internationally make sure you get the proper Cites II paperwork. It is made of wood and you will need to specify type. If it rosewood or african blackwood you may need a special permit. And with the information available from players here you can establish its date of manufacture so you may or may not need that special permit. But without identification and documentation it may be end up confiscated at customs. There are others on this forum who can speak to this. I had a new concertina imported to the states last year and it did end up in customs for a few days where it was inspected. It did not have any of the restricted woods in it so it passed on to me. The new rules want you to identify the wood species. I can't remember if the term antique had a specific year attached to it. I seem to remember 1947, but others may have more experience with this. Musical instruments are under close inspection these days. I know there has been a lot of talk of this on the chiff and fipple flute web site and guitar makers have been discussing this on the web as well. Just googling Cites II shipping rules will get you a lot of information.

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