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I am looking forward to a trip to the UK in May/June (unfortunately without my EC or other instruments). Having been a regular at a UK style folk club in Northern Virginia for many years, I have plotted my upcoming travels against folk club listings and plan to stop at a few when events sync with my itinerary. As I'm likely missing many and have not plotted any concertina happenings I thought I would list my itinerary here in hopes others can recommend events I might like to attend, music or otherwise.


5/20-21: Glasgow

5/22-23: Oban

5/24: Inverness

5/25-26: Edinburgh

5/27-28: Keswick (Lake District)

5/29-30: Askrigg (Yorkshire Dales)

5/31- 6\1: York

6/2: Llandudno (North Wales)

6\3-4: Pembrokeshire

6/5: Gloucester

6/6: Chipping Norton (Cotswalds)

6/7-10: Plymouth


When driving around Ireland a few years ago I was able to get to many musical events and hope to do the same this year in UK. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

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there is a concertina band workshop day at Stamford Lincolnshire on Sunday 10th June. Edited to add - it might not fit with your visit to Plymouth!



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18th to 20th May is the Swaledale Squeeze (see thread elsewhere on this), perhaps you won't be there yet. See also my PM.



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Hi Ken,


just worked out your coding! they are dates! 5/29-30 = -29.827586 etc.




the 29 to 30th May! after all they are UK events you are asking after. I shall be at Swaledale and Stamford.



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