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Concertina Spotting: Bonanza

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I don't normally watch "Bonanza", the popular (in its time) TV Western. I'm glad I did today. Today's episode was titled "Three Brides for Hoss"; midway through, someone is shown playing, in the TV sense, a concertina of unknown type, though said instrument had a wrist strap.




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If we're doing Westerns - some shots from 'The Outlaw Josey Wales'



Is it an English or an Anglo? I thought Anglo at first but now I'm not so sure.


I captured these shots months ago and have been waiting for a 'legitimate' opportunity to post them... :)

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I have a huge thread from the old (pre-2003) forum system on movie sightings (e.g., Bob Hope), dozens in all, that I happened to save before it went offline. Probably long past time I figured out how to paste it in here!



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There was another concertina sold to the production company by Chris Algar. It was a Steve Dickinson Wheatstone piccolo, originally made for Glad Thorp. that one was not ultimately used in the film.

Some time later, it appeared for sale on Ebay with the seller saying it had been gifted to him. Several questions were asked about its history, and the item was suddenly withdrawn from auction. As far as I know it has not been seen or heard of since.

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I have two new sightings. One is in the movie Portrait of Jennie (1948). Unfortunately it doesn't really get played--they're trying to establish the main character as Irish (and one of his friends later briefly plays an Irish harp). Selection below starts at the concertina:




The other is in this week's New Yorker magazine--an obviously-edited (laundering Lennie's image for the swells by removing the concertina)  lead photo in an article about Leonard Bernstein. ?





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