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Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend 2018

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The Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend takes place this year from 19th-22nd July 2018 and a lively concertina presence is, as usual, expected.
The event is informal and friendly and free. It involves sessions,- music, song and mixed - and presentations. A donation of £10 is invited.
This year, under new management, some changes are being introduced and there is a new Facebook group: BTMW - Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend.
If, like me, you’re not involved in Facebook there is also an email list. Simply send your email address to the administrator, Liz Giddings, liz.mostunexpected@hotmail.com
Camping at Mark’s farm offers the most wonderful views of the Dales and will be enhanced this year with extra toilets and a shower.
Because of additional interest this year it is likely that numbers will be greater. It is even possible that numbers will have to be limited to conserve the unique nature of the event.
If you fully intend to attend the weekend, I urge you to make that clear via the Facebook page so that your place will be guaranteed should it be necessary to declare ‘House Full’.

Very best wishes to you all,


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