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31 Button Crabb C/g

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This is the same concertina that I have listed for trade at http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=20214, but for clarity I'll start a new thread.


I bought this instrument unrestored and sent it to Greg Jowaisas. He did an outstanding job giving it a full overhaul, and built a top notch set of bellows for it. Its C/G Jeffries layout with a C drone on the left hand thumb button. It has no outward markings, but the reedpan is stamped T. Bostock, and correspondence with Geoff Crabb confirms that it was built by John Crabb. Bostock was a reseller who did not build concertinas, but built lovely banjos. Its in 1/5 comma meantone, which is a perfect temperment for this instrument.


It is a quick, loud and responsive instrument with a lovely tone. I'll post up some sound samples shortly. It pains me to sell it, but I will have another C/G coming soon and I want to have funds available for a Bb/F when I find the right one.


I'll be in St Louis on April 20th weekend for the Tionol, and in Ireland May 12-22. Asking $4750 USD/3800 Euro/3300 GBP. I am in Canada, so if I ship it we would need to sort out CAD funds, but if I deliver it I would take any currency.









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I've lowered the price.

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