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Sheffield Sessions Festival

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It only occurred to me to ask mid-festival ... how many of us are in Sheffield for the Sessions Festival this weekend? I know a few of our members have often travelled across an ocean just for this weekend, and many more of our members live much closer to Sheffield so perhaps some of you come as well? I'm around, mostly at the Shakespeare today and tomorrow including at the concertina forum on Sunday morning if anyone wants to say hi!


There's no better opportunity in all the world to explore the glory of playing in Eb on your C/G or Bb on your G/D (genuinely great keys on those instruments in my opinion, if you've got a 38-key Jeffries) amidst an entire hours-long session of tunes in only those keys, surrounded by gorgeous old Hohner Bb/Eb Ericas and brass instruments making a real wall of sound.


(Always Easter Weekend in Sheffield, UK, for any who want to make plans for a future year. Sheffield Sessions Festival. Much more readable schedule here.)



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Im just the other side of the Peak District but prior work commitments get in the way - as you say, hopefully next year. Friends who have been speak very highly of it (and are there at this very moment!)

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