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Lachenal English Dating Evidence


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Dear C.netters,


This concertina (#17642) is in auction at the moment with an invoice from Lachenal dated 11th January 1872 (see photo).


I hope that this may be useful for Lachenal dating?


Best regards,




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This is nice support for what I already had. I had dated No 17642 to 1872, but based on different information. I am impressed with Mike Pierceall's estimate based on such a simple formula.

But I would caution that the formula is unlikely to hold up for other Lachenal manufacturing periods, given the ups and downs of the level of Lachenal production..

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It's a dark and stormy night, no one home but me (and the pups, the cat, the rabbit, and the horse) so I braved the autopsy of a Lachenal English I got from a luthier friend who was cleaning out.  It's stamped #21153 on all parts which I guess would date it around 1878.  It looks the same as the one above with box but four fold bellows.  

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