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Charlie Hitchen

Improvers Concertina. Recommendations Please.

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Hi this is my first post. I am looking for advice. I was given a simple Scarlatti Anglo C/G 30 button concertina for my sixtieth birthday. After a year or so I find that I can knock out a tune or two on it. I am looking to upgrade. If I had a budget of £1000 to £1500 what would your recommendation be for a replacement? Same key and same number of buttons please. Thanks

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Several options.


If you want a traditional reeded vintage instrument, you may well be able to pick up a Lachenal 30 button within that budget. Try Barleycorn Concertinas.


If you prefer something newer, but with accordion reeds, you should be able to pick up something like a nearly new Marcus or a Norman within your budget. Other mid and good quality makes are available!


Try before you buy, if at all possible.


Think hard about what you want:

1) 30 buttons, or more than 30?

2) Traditional reeds or accordion reeds?

3) Brand new, refurbished, or needing some attention?

4) Metal ends or wooden ends?


Decide what you want, then try to find one. If you let price lead your decision, you may end up with one that you later regret.


Good luck.

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If you want a new instrument rather than a vintage instrument:


In the UK, wolvertonconcertinas.com offers very nice looking instruments for just a bit above your stated range. I've not tried one, but did have discussions with Jake a few months ago, and he is very good to work with, and the reviews I've seen here have been very good. I would be interested in purchasing one of his when the time comes to buy.


Also in the UK, marcusmusic.co.uk offers the standard model for a very similar price as above. I tried one of these in a shop in Cleckheaton (shop closed now though) and liked the sound of it, was very tempted, but not prepared to buy at the time.


And from the USA, you may have noticed recent positive discussion of the concertinaconnection.com new offering the "minstrel" which is targeted at the mid-range. Price in dollars in the USA converted to pounds sterling would be in the low end of your range, but with import fees and shipping, it might be at the top end of your range instead.

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