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Mystery E: Field In Abc Script.

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I just came across an ABC file in which there are E: fields in the headers - eg: E:10.


I had a look at the ABC specification, Guido Gonzatos manual and Steve Mansfields tutorials and could

find no mention of an E: field.


Any ideas as to what it might be for?


Thank you.



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It is from the old (version 1.6) standard. It is not fully explained in the standard, but there it is:

Field name            header tune elsewhere Used by Examples and notes
==========            ====== ==== ========= ======= ==================
E:elemskip            yes    yes                    see Line Breaking


  Line breaking and justification

Generally one line of abc  notation  will  produce  one  line  of
music,  although  if  the music is too long it will overflow onto
the next line. This can look very  effective,  but  it  can  also
completely  ruin  ties  across  bar  lines,  for example. You can
counteract this by changing either the note spacing with  the  E:
field (although currently this is package dependent) or break the
line of abc notation.
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