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1928 Wheatstone 30-Button C/g For Sale -Sold

John Moran

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I am selling a 30-button C/G Wheatstone concertina serial number 31827 (the ledger has the year of manufacture down as 1928).


This concertina has recently been fettled by Steve Dickinson. Am looking for €4,800.


I am based in Dublin, Ireland. Please pm me for more information if you are interested.post-10535-0-71713300-1519075075_thumb.jpgpost-10535-0-93141500-1519075089_thumb.jpgpost-10535-0-49592600-1519075103_thumb.jpg





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This is a lovely instrument. It was great player when I owned it a few years ago and since then I am sure that it has been made even better by Steve Dickinson.

The seller is a gentleman and is himself a fine musician. I would trust him without question.

This instrument was made in the best period of manufacture of Wheatstone concertinas. I originally paid over $5,000 for the concertina and sold it for about what I had into it. I doubt very much that the seller is making a profit on the sale.

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I wonder why they riveted a blank metal oval to the right hand end over where the maker's label usually goes?

This is ( or was) a 'printed' metal badge that has worn blank over time... or perhaps polished out .


Sometimes the stamped ( Best Metal) badges get polished smooth after re-plating which is a great shame.

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