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Very Small Reeds

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Scroll down to the end of this link and you will see some very interesting and very small reeds.




The accompanying videos by Philharmonicas demonstrate the quality of the reeds.


I am curious if concertina makers think that such reeds deserve consideration for use in possibly piccolo concertinas, or otherwise ?!?!

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I was thinking about harmonica reeds as well the other day; I saw an octave-tuned (two holes per note, sounding one octave apart) "echo" hohner concertina, and was amazed by its lowest sounding reed : the same low E I have on my stagi anglo (which sounds one octave lower than most concertinas I believe). To hear that note played on such a small instrument made me wonder if these reeds could be used on a concertina - would it be possible to design small instruments with a great range using them?

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