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Wanted Leather Box For My Wheatstone Aeola Tenor Treble


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Perhaps you might communicate with concertina player Brenda Castles, who recently released the lovely recording "Indeedin You Needn't Bother." There are lovely color photos of her gorgeous cases on tradconnect.com with a nice interview in which she discusses two beautiful leather concertina cases she had done by a master leather worker in Bangkok. I think the cases may also be on the cover of the new CD.


Sorry, the machine I'm on right now will not copy to cnet. It would turn up Googling "Brenda Castles concertina leather Bangkok," or here's a try at typing in the address accurately by hand:



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Be aware, if you do go for a used original case, that no two cases intended for a TT may be the same.


I once got a used case for a TT and it's too small for the instrument.


I suggest you measure carefully the spacing for the bellows and the height/depth/width.

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Are you still looking? I have a black leather box which is the right size for my Aeola TT. The box itself is in reasonable condition but one strap is missing (torn away where it joined the side of the box) and the little tag that would hold the lid closed is also missing - so it needs a bit of work by a leatherworker. If you might be interested let me know and I'll take some pictures and do an accurate measurement.

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