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Jeffries Duet - Michael Hebbert

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Thanks for that pointer, Gary. I particularly liked the "Oakpit Waltz". Certain I'd heard it before, I searched and found it on and Aly and Phil CD, but called the "Ookpik Waltz", with the explanation that Ookpik is the Inuit name for a Snowy Owl. Written by Canadian Fiddler Frankie Rodgers.


I'll have to learn it.



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I had a version of this tune sent to me some years ago as an ABC file. The title I was given was Oot pik. Based on the above post, I now assume this was mistyped. There was no composer mentioned when sent to me. In the ABC pasted below, I have added the name as given above. This version is not identical to that played by Michael Hebbert but is clearly the same tune with variations. Also, there are no repeat marks in this version.


X: 216
T:Oot Pik
T:"OokPik" = Snowy owl in Inuit language.
T:Oakpit Waltz (from Michael Hebbert variation)
C:Frankie Rodgers
|(3D/E/F/|"G"G> F G/B/| "D"A G E/D/| "G"E G> A| G B d| "Em"e>d e/f/| ed B/G/|
|"G"B d>e| d2 B/d/| "Em"e>d e/g/|e d B/A/| "G"B d B/A/| "Em"G E D
| "C"C> B, C/E/| "D"D F E/D/| "G"E G> A| G B d|| "Em"e B> A| B2 e| "Bm"d B> A|
| B2 B| "Am"A> G A/B/| A G E/D/|"Em"E G A|G B d| "Bm"e B> A|B2 f/e/|
d B>G| B2 B| "Am" A> G A/B/| A G E/D/| "Em"E G E| "D" D2||

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