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Stephen Selby

For Sale: Fine Lachenal C/g 30 Button Anglo Fully Restored

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Price is £2,000 plus shipping (about £100).

Lachenal, new six-fold bellows, new pads/springs. Metal ends on ebonized wood frame. Good action.

30 button C/G plus bird-song and cock crow novelty buttons. Recently tuned to A=440.

Made around 1930. Excellent visual condition and plays well.

It is in Hong Kong at present.

Steel reeds. The serial number is 114088.

  • post-11712-0-24662100-1517198979_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-75345700-1517198994_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-25982600-1517199023_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-15813700-1517199045_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-77772000-1517199061_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-29271700-1517199088_thumb.j
  • post-11712-0-74375000-1517116628_thumb.j

Here is a sound sample:





The original case is no longer suitable because of the change to six-fold bellows from five.


The Lachenal paper label is not an original: I think the paper a copy. E instrument is genuine.


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