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Jeffries Anglo Concertina C/g 26 Key For Sale

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Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud.

The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. metal ends original bone keys.

Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order.

Looking for around £3600 plus postage.

Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions,

many thanks

Jo, Sheffield UKpost-12693-0-00165200-1517176994.jpgpost-12693-0-76969700-1517177002.jpgpost-12693-0-43653700-1517177013.jpgpost-12693-0-12069200-1517177022.jpgpost-12693-0-22763600-1517177031.jpgpost-12693-0-37812700-1517177040.jpg

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