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Scored A Miniature Lachenal

John Sylte

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2 minutes ago, wunks said:

As a note of possible interest, I've come across a Lachenal 48 key that's small in the other dimension;  It has only four bellows folds and fits snugly in it's original case.  Is this common?  

for the basic version (called „tutor“ model by some today, with black and red stained keys) - yes; however, five fold or more may be preferable...

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Lindsey I wish I could tell you something about it, other than it is precious and beautiful and I would love to hold and play it ? It is certainly a treasure, like mine, but difficult to get more information on. Would you be willing to take it apart very carefully and take pictures of the insides?

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Recently I had Mark at Concertina Spares make me a set eight fold bellows for my 12k miniature, just to put this into context, this concertina is a top quality metal ended Wheatstone. It has been in my family since new so I wanted a  a good job. As I said eight folds at  a tiny 2.75 inches across the flats. The bellows are all black with leather panels and it fits in the same container as when the original bellows were made. A nice bit of workmanship. I think a large (comparatively) 4 inches across the flats would be straight forward for him. These bellows were made in the last 4 months or so. You can see that this is relevant information if you are thinking about new bellows for the mini-Anglo.




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