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Can You Name This Tune?

Little John

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Jim - I think you can just close the box inviting you to sign up, which I did for a few months before actually signing up myself. But perhaps people with better knowledge of these matters could advise.


I did as you suggested, and it didn't help. I tried clicking, clicking, clicking... to no avail. But I was clicking on the arrowhead that elsewhere (e.g., YouTube) means to start playing. So then I decided to click on the picture, just to see what would happen... and it started playing. But, once that happened, the arrowhead button also started working as an "on" switch.


I have now closed that window and revisited your link, and it all worked just fine from the get go. I didn't even have to close the signup box.



(But now I'll go find your prior soundfile posting and listen to it, too. :))


Finally, for what it's worth, I know I've heard that tune before, but I don't remember where, and I have no idea of its name or origin. However, that gives me hope that someone else will be able to identify it.

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Wow! Thanks Mitch, that's incredible. Makes perfect sense, too: I took part in a production of Lark Rise in 1987 so must have internalised the tune then. At the time my part was mostly off-stage singing, though I also sang The Outlandish Knight in the pub scene. I remember this well, because I had only recently taken up the duet concertina and hadn't transferred the song to it yet. Never did, in fact! So I had to borrow an English from a friend for the performance since I'd sold mine.

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David - many thanks for the Spotify link. It would let me listen to only 30 seconds, but on comparison it seems my B music differs from the original, which itself seems to have two versions; one of 8 bars and one of 7. I seem to have lifted a bar from the second and inserted in between bars 4 and 5 of the first. [so is that "wrong"? Did the musicians I picked it up from get it "wrong"? Or is it just the "folk process" at work? Whatever, after 31 years I'm sticking with my version. It might be slightly different but I feel it captures the spirit of the original.]


Robin - as you will probably have guessed from the above, I learnt it by ear and don't have a transcription. If there were sufficient interest I could transcribe the tune as I play it which is, incidentally, in C rather than the G of the original.

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