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Anglo's For Sale

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Not sure if these will work, will try again later

Lachenal CG

41 button (bone) including 2 novelty.

Nickel plated ends.
Ivory frames. Drone button has F push C draw
New 7 fold leather bellows and straps, by Dave Leese.
Re-padded and valved
Long scale reeds. No weighting.
Loud, full resonant tone.
Lachenal Hook action.
Very responsive and tight (as yet, rather stiff new bellows).
Serial no. 91313. Date circa1890s.
Weight, only 1350grms. Makes this box a delight to handle

Has some slight wood damage to left hand frame.No cracks. Some tarnishing on ends.Various small age dints on wooden frame. In no way serious, nor affecting solidity or playing performance.I believe this to be one of the higher grade models sold by Lachenal.
I use this for both tunes and singing. It is indeed a lovely player with the vintage, classy old steel reeded sound.
I have this one for sale as I recently took delivery of another Wheastone.
The price is very reasonable for this genuine, fine instrument. At £2,000 or nearest offer.

Wakker A3 in FC :

31Domed metal buttons. With customized, low 3mm button travel.
Raised Ebonised Hardwood Ends.
7 Fold, all black, Wakker bellows.
Parallel reed pans for optimum reed dimensions.
Finest quality hand made steel reeds. Long scale and no weighting.
This instrument has a beautiful rich tone. Well balanced and mellow rather than strident. With bass notes to die for. As good or better than any Linota I have handled! Waiting time for this model new is around 2 to 2 1/2 years.
Lovely smooth and fast riveted action.
Very tight and responsive.
Serial no.0711, made July 2007. I purchased in March 2012
Weight, an extremely light. 1236 grams.
Just has usual slight bumps and marks for age.
Reason for selling. I have purchased a new 40 button from Wakker Concertinas.
The price on this anglo is £3,250 ono. THE WAKKER ANGLO IS NOW SOLD!


PHOTOS TO FOLLOW.... thanks.

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