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Lachenal 20 Key C/g Angl0- Relisting

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I am relisting as a scamster tried to get money out of me (see the scams list). I am asking for AUD$600 plus postage (under $40 in Australia I think to most places) or come by if you are in Melbourne. If it goes overseas I will need to look into that. I will negotiate a bit.


I'm upgrading, so I am reluctantly selling no. 74526, to help pay the bills It dates from approx 1883 from advice I got on concertina net.


It was restored in 1970 by Frank Pitt, Box Hill (that is Melbourne), as written inside and was owned before me by a woman active in Bush music circles. I don't know much more than that about its history.


I have replaced a number of bushes that have worn out as well as the bits that go in lever arms to stop the wobbles, but due to my skill level at repairs I've not gone further out of respect. I've looked quite a bit into what to use for busines and the lever arms and I have found that bookbinder's leather works fine (that is my other thing) rather than incredibly expensive piano baize. I have an envelope of stamped bushes left over. I've also carefully brushed out dust etc. There is a buzz on keys left 1a and 1b that can be fixed by reed or flap adjustment but as I said, I didn't want to enter in that space (lack of skill). It is very very sweet sounding, 'fast' and responsive, the bellows don't leak. I made a sound file for Chris Ghent in the Blue Mountains some time back and he thought it pretty ok.


The box has aged well though the strap is snapped but that can be replaced. It looks as if the lock was replaced by a 'snap' at some point in time (maybe the key was lost).



I can provide another sound file but don't judge my playing! I suppose I could skype if you wish (serious people only).






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