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It's been a while, since I heard about

Klavarscribo notation, but recently,

thinking of teaching my mom piano to give her something to wake up for, I finally looked at it in depth. Wow! What a great invention. I don't play piano, but with Klavarscribo I sat down and in an hour was slowly pounding two carols with both hands. It claims that the system is good for all instruments, but it was designed specifically for the keyboard, and as such it's superb!

Anybody else has fiddled with the system?

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I have fiddled with Klavarskribo some. (At some point I ordered and still have both volumes of The Well-Tempered Clavier.) I also wrote software to translate midi into a simplified Klavarskribo (hard to get beaming from midi).


I think of it as a tablature for keyboard. I find that with standard notation it is easier to see what's happening harmonically. Also, there is much more music in standard notation. Nowdays all my piano playing is using standard notation.

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