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Uk Residential Workshops?

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Whilst idly following link after link it is apparent that there are various day and weekend Uk workshops available but is there any link/site that might summarise these?

Or, how else can I find out what is going on before the date and not after!

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Not that I know of.


http://kettlebridgeconcertinas.org.uk/has a list of some

http://www.yorkshire-concertina-club.org.uk/diary.phphas some more

https://www.facebook.com/groups/120126508017956/?ref=bookmarks-Swaledale Squeeze on facebook

https://halswaymanor.org.uk/Halsway Manor run some

http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/adult-summer-school-2018/- Sage Folkworks

http://thewccp.org/programmeWest Country Concertinas programme


Anybody got any more?

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The Residential weekends that are 'open' that I am aware of that are in the UK are both run by the WCCP, (West Country Concertina Players)


the March weekend is for more experienced players, all systems, with well recognised tutors for the various systems, English, Duet, Anglo. There is also a big Band workshop with Bass, Baritone, treble parts and piccolos.


The October weekend is for absolute beginners, to improvers, with experienced tutors drawn from the WCCP , Plus a band as well.


I don't know what level of play you are at, but the WCCP will advise you if you make contact



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