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Wanted To Buy Lachenal 20B Anglo G/c Locally In Australia


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There are some attractive Lachenal G/C 20 button on offer internationally on Concertina.net, but here in Oz our exchange rate and the cost of international shipping (and sometimes other country's CITES requirements relative to endangered species) makes it difficult. I am hoping someone on this forum residing in in Australia might have one which they might wish to sell. I think that is a much better option (Beauty! Bonza) for me, rather than trying to find one in the local Gumtree, Trading Post and other online venues. I never cease to be amazed with the number of on offer, described as being in perfect working order, in tune etc. etc.; "rare and valuable" when it soon becomes obvious that is not the case and the vendor just does not have a clue! I live on the Gold Coast, retired. Just love well made squeeze boxes of all configurations. I have no problem sending and receiving parcels, relying on safe handling and delivery by Australia Post. Hoping to hear from another Aussie. I am fair dinkum.

---Merry Xmas to all, regardless of where you are. I do enjoy and value the friendliness and sharing of players.

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Hello, I actually have one I got about 6 months months ago. I've given it some internal TLC as best as I could using that repair book and online help, but there are still buzzes. It was rebuilt about 1970 a/c what is written inside. She is very sweet, very fast, but I am reluctant to part with her yet..., unless.... but what have you to trade. I'd love a better 30 key than the wren I have that runs slow and a 30 key best meets my needs. It has an original box. Something that lets me play faster. I am being held back.

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I have a number of good vintage concertinas, including a good 28 button G/D Anglo by Lachenal and some good 30 button C/Gs. All refurbished and at concert pitch. I'll be coming to Sydney in early February and could bring something down if anyone is interested. Pricey though. AU$2,500 is the cheapest.

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