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Diy Harmonica With Bigger Bandoneon Reeds

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I am talking about a harmonica like Hohner Marine Band but final product will be bigger. I want to build a harmonica with bigger bandoneon reeds .


Want to have a harmonica with few notes but sounds exactly like an bandoneon.


Thinking to build, order, say ten short bandoneon reeds and go from there.


It sounds easy but I am listening to you , please advise me !


How to design such a instrument ? Which reeds, notes, thicknesses, size of reeds works ?





Thank you very much,


Happy New Year !!


Mustafa Umut Sarac


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...the sound itself is really the same: two reeds tuned octave appart....

But the associated "chambers" are quite different. Won't that affect the quality of the sound?


For that matter, shouldn't the size, material, and shape (in all 3 dimensions) of the reeds make a difference?

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I am not expert and I have untrained ear , lets say we blow or draw long single note , does octave harmonica produce clear notes as we hear at usual most usual tango songs. By the way , I have an hohner ocean harp diatonic cheap and single notes with tongue locked are extremelly likely to bandoneon.

Do octave harp produce two octave apart notes when tongue blocked when diatonic produce single note ?


Would be the sound similar to bandoneon with two notes or does it sound like church organ wild chord ?


By the way , they sell octave c major harps from china. Are they octave harmonica or do they name it wrong ?

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1. Bandoneon reeds will rust when you'll blow on them. You'll need brass or stainless steel. Which means right there your idea is a no-go.

2. You can't have a harmonica sounding like a bandoneon. The reeds don't make this much difference, it's the body/material of the instrument that give character to the sound.

3. All of the above (and much more) is the reason why all styles of harmonicas are almost extinct except 10 hole with single brass reeds. It's the bending, leading to expression, that is the foundation of it's popularity.

4. Keep in mind also, that harmonica players change reed plates pretty much after each energetic performance, so the reed plates must be affordable.

The secret of playing of a harmonica is not the reeds, it's the developing open cavity and strength of your chest and throat muscles, much like singing and it takes time. Not everybody is blessed with the potential, no matter how much you train. All of this need to be carefully thought of.

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