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A Story To "warm The Cockles Of Yer 'eart Guv'nor"

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I never cease to be amazed by the helpfulness, generosity and general 'niceness' of contributors to concertina.net

(and melodeon.net)! I've been helped enormously over the last three years, while getting to grips with these inventions

of the Devil.


I've been looking for a 'lyre music holder' for a while - to stick into the threaded hole on one of my concertinas - I don't

read music that well (very, very badly, if I'm honest), but it would be helpful when I 'forget the next bit', and will look

cool when playing with t'Morris, and will be a sort of conversation piece.


The other day, out of the blue, I received a lyre in the mail. Not specifically for a 'tina, but one which can be cut down,

and then turned and threaded and used for this purpose. It came from a fellow c.netter who happened to know that

I was on the look-out for such an object.


What can say but 'Thank you very much'!! It's arrived in time for Xmas, while I'm feeling a bit low because of recent

medical problems, and it has bucked me up no end.


I won't embarrass the individual by naming him here, but thank you - I'll be sending a PM/mail message.


c.netters and mel.netters must be just about the most civilised communities on the internet!


Now, how do I get it modified to fit the 'tina? I don't have the tools - taps, dies, lathe, etc, but I know an engineer who

is a volunteer at the Science Museum, and we have a miniature railway society with it's own engineering facilities

operating in the local park. Any other suggestions welcome...


Once again, thank you - you know who you are!



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Hi Roger. Phone me on 01452 300163 and I can give you two tried and tested remedies. I can't transfer photos so I ask you to call.




Les, thank you. I tried and failed to contact you a couple of times. I have sent you a PM with my contact details.



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