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Thomas Dawkins


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Quick check on Ancestry shows Thomas Dawkins, Importer and Manufacturer of Musical Instruments, living at 1 Highgate Rise, Kentish Town in 1861 and 1871. He was 54 in 1871, hence born about 1817. Place of birth Clerkenwell. His wife was Rosetta Weisbert Seiler, from Whitechapel - they married in 1840 and had at least 7 children, one of whom, also a Thomas, seems to have gone into the same business. The elder Thomas died between 1871 and 1881, when Rosetta, a widow, was living very comfortably at 1 Mansfield Villas, Hampstead, with four of her daughters and two servants. So presumably the later instruments are from Thomas the son.



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Hi all - I have a Thomas Dawkins badged 20 key Anglo with serial number 35526 and the address 6, 7, 8 Little Warner Street, Clarkenwell. The ends are flat, they look like rosewood and there's a layer of what looks like leather under the fretwork. Can anyone advise me on its age? Grateful thanks to any experts!

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