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Lachenal Edeophone Tenor Treble

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This is a superb Edeophone tenor treble, numbered 54648. Its a 56 key instrument, extended downwards from a standard treble so that the lowest note, on the right hand side,is C below middle C.


It's fitted with air levers on both ends.


Im selling this on behalf of a friend who bought it from Barleycorn concertinas a few years back. It had been comprehensively restored (Dave Elliots stamp appears inside) with new pads, valves and thumbstraps. The external woodwork has been superbly renovated and polished and the instrument tuned to modern concert pitch.



Its 7 across the flats (possibly made as a band instrument?), with the original 6-fold bellows, which are in excellent condition. It has the brass fittings on the bellows frame to allow wrist (or neck) straps to be fitted, but without the correct sized fixing screws to go with them.


Comes complete with a hard case.



As you would expect, this is an exceptionally good playing instrument. Asking £3,000 feel free to contact me for more pictures or to arrange to come and view/play.


I will arrange fully insured shipping as required, likely to be around £25 in the UK, and negotiable elsewhere in the world.







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Hi Bill


I am very interested in the Edeophone if it is still available. I have a standard treble Edeophone (#60161) which I love and play all the time (bought it from Chris Algar back in ~2002) and have been looking for another similar box, and particularly a T/T if one showed up.


I live in Cincinnati Ohio, I'm very good friends with Greg Jowaisas who is quite well known in the concertina community and lives a few miles away. If I bought it, I would probably ask for it to be sent to my sister's house in Suffolk as I will be going back to the UK some time next year. It would be nice to give it a test run first, but not so easy from over here. Please let me know if it is still for sale - email is pmorleynh@gmail.com.


Best regards


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I have checked my records, I worked on this job in the end of July 2012, My scope of work was very limited at the time


  • attend to a single action pivot post and replace it's damaged pad,
  • improve responsiveness on the lower end big reeds which I did through valve springing, and reed gapping

I would have done an overall conditional assessment and did not note any problems that warranted service or repair work. Obviously valves etc. are all 5 yrs older now and I don't know how much play the instrument will have had, however my records show nothing to cast any doubt on this instrument whatever. Given the reedpan layout, I doubt that it was made as a band instrument, more a soloist's instrument or for accompaniment where fuller lower octave chords are required.



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