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Wheatstone Tenor Treble Aeola For Sale On Ebay


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Yesterday a top period metal ended tenor treble aeola in great condition with a lovely provenance sold for £2351 ..........

A bargain. ....? A sign of the times , or cautious buying due the fact that that the concertina spent half of its life upside doing somersaults !?

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Had read about the auction in another thread yesterday but couldn't find the item until now.


Well, the instrument seems to be pretty shaken, will at least need a new bellows, and the acrobatic attitude of its pre-owner may have done its share to further discourage bidders. At least, I wouln'd have been so confident I guess - all in all a perfect instrument for Chris Algar to take the risk and untertake the restauration work (and charging his fair share then) I reckon.


Best wishes - Wolf

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The unpatched corners are looking quite crumbly to my eyes (and I do have experience re this kind of bellows, believe me) - but my point was rather that maybe the overall battered looks do indicate some internal damage as well. Be it as it may - we will never learn about that as we can't expect Chris Algar to unveil his trade secrets... B)

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I had been in touch with the seller. In my opinion this is a very nice box in faily good condition. I wouldn't worry about the few patches!

In my experience instruments of very good players normally are very good.

First of all they know what to look for!

Secondly the best boxes are those that have been played a lot! It seems to help the reeds!?

I didn't go for this one, as I have a great 31xxx ME TT, which I picked out of a dozen similar instruments at Chris's place after hours of cross-playing...

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