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Can Anyone Tell Me About This Lester Concertina?

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I recently purchased this concertina at a thrift store along with some instruction books.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about it. I'm not sure it's actually a concertina with the holes around the edge.

Also wondering if it's not the best one since the bellows seem to be some sort of printed paper vs leather bellows?

It looks like it might be kind of old sounds nice when you squeeze it though.

Any info would be helpful.

Thank you in advance







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Hi, Sbyrd,


Well, it's definitely German, as the label on the box says. Typical German Concertina features are the pattern of round holes (as opposed to the often floral fretwork on English-built instruments) and the fact that the button rows lie parallel to a straight side. The sound-holes in the side are often found in German free-reed instruments, but more usually in diatonic accordions.


However, yours doesn't look like the notorious, cheap Klingenthal concertinas that come up in Ebay so frequently. It would be interesting to have a look inside. If the reeds are mounted on large zinc plates, five reeds each side, it would be a traditional German concertina. The cheap modern ones have accordion reeds, mounted two to a plate. Traditional German reeds have a very rich sound, totally unlike their English or Anglo-German cousins.




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I wouldn't think it has accordion reedblocks, as the bellows seems to short for that. So there's reason to believe it's an instrument of higher (if not traditional) quality and better sound... anyway, enjoy it!


Best wishes - Wolf

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Great thanks for the information! I was a bit wary of trying to disassemble it for fear of breaking it.

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