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Albireo's New Cd 'binary'

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Albireo's second album Binary is now out. It's a double CD with 23 tracks in total. Both are packed full of our favourite tunes drawn from a wealth of sources, all played with freedom and energy. Disc one (tracks 1-11), perhaps unusually for a dance band, is a straight up listening album. Disc two (tracks 12-23) is a dance resource, each track tailored to suit a particular dance or rhythm. Many represent unusual and underperformed material, or have a number of turns through optimised for dance club use, and dance instructions are on our website.

The album is available either as a download or CD from Bandcamp, where you will also find our first album Northern Cross:



Perhaps unusually, the band features both anglo and English concertinas. I'm playing C/G and G/D Anglos, and Steve Hodgskiss plays EC. In particular, the Anglo and English concertinas duet together on the track 'Faine I Would', with fiddle, melodeon and hammered dulcimer then joining in.



You can read a review here: http://www.livingtradition.co.uk/webrevs/cyg010.htm

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