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Canary Bird

Concertina Chest/stool

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Living in a flat in the Canary Islands means we have very limited space to own the tools to make our own clam shell case as we'd desire, so our regular place to store our concertina and harmonicas is our new repurposed chest/stool. The unfinished chest was 15Euros from Leroy Merlin. I sanded & stained it, added better hardware, added bracing inside the structure to make it possible to sit on, feet for it to sit on when placed with concertina inside and feet on the side for when using it as a stool ... and of course some customization with pictures on the inside lid and on the bottom that is visible when used as a stool. We added metal loops on the inside, so that shoulder straps could pass through the hand holds to be able to carry it. We just need foam or padding for the inside.


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