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Scandinavian Squeeze-In 2018

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Scandinavian Squeeze-In

April 27-29, 2018

(last full weekend in April)

This will be our 19th annual SSI.

Once again in the main scout house at Gamlegård, in Torna Hällestad, Skåne (southern Sweden). All squeezers and would-be squeezers are invited. (In fact, non-squeezers and even non-musician accompanying persons are welcome if they don't mind our obsession.)

Please see our web site -- http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/ -- for much more information.


Spreading the word to other squeezers is welcome, of course. (The ICA and melodeon.net are covered, but I'm not yet a member of Facebook nor do I frequent other concertina or accordion/melodeon sites.)


And it's not too early to let us know that you'll be coming.

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Scandinavian Squeeze-In

April 27-29, 2018

(last full weekend in April)

Time flies!

(Especially when one is struggling with numerous interruptions.)

Here it is, less than a month until SSI 2018. We have a number of confirmed participants, but I'm missing responses from several individuals to whom I sent personal invites, and I've confirmed that there have been erratic lapses in my email service, both going and coming. (Meanwhile, many other emails get through just fine. :huh:)

Because of that: Anyone who has sent me an email indicating that they wish to come to our weekend but who hasn't received a personal reply, please contact me again, either by PM here on concertina.net or by email through the "booking" or "contact" links on our web site: http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/

(Those links have been updated to include two email addresses

on separate domains, in order to reduce the risk of failure.)

Also, we've extended the booking deadline to Monday, April 14.

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