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Oh No... Not Another Dipper Co Clare For Sale

David Levine

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I am selling a Colin Dipper, Co Clare model, 31 button Anglo C/G concertina. It has metal ends and plays with a very bright, forceful sound. It measures 5 5/8” across the flats. The slightly smaller size makes it feel great to hold and to play. It is very responsive and is not a concertina for the timid.


It is about 12 years old. I bought it from Wally Carroll a year ago. I love the instrument but I have other pressing needs. It is a Jeffries layout with the very worthwhile F# press on the right accidental row (in place of one of the C# buttons). This makes an otherwise difficult E-F#-G triplet easy to accomplish. The right hand F# press makes the Dipper a joy when playing otherwise challenging tunes that call for an F# press. My understanding is that Colin uses this feature on his Cotswold models as well as when it is specifically ordered.


The concertina comes in a custom-made, fitted Dipper case, enclosed by a sheepskin-lined waterproof Cavallaro zippered case-cover (over $100). The Dipper case is like new, beautifully made and lined, and is worth the extra protection. In addition to being custom-made for this concertina, the case has a secret trap-door compartment in the bottom of the case. I won’t post a picture of this feature because then it wouldn’t be a secret.


At the time Wally estimated its value at at well over $7,000, not including the case. I am asking for $7,800 including shipping in the USA. I have enjoyed playing this and I am reluctant to sell it but events dictate otherwise.


Reeds_RH_2.jpg 2_LH_in_case.jpg 1_RS_in_case.jpg Reeds_LH_1.jpg Reeds_LH_2.jpg Reeds_RH_1.jpg 3_In_Case.jpg 4_Bellows.jpg Case_cover.jpg

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I think Alex means the images appear to be flipped horizontally - unless for some reason the instrument's only thumb button is on the left, which seems most improbable.


I'm guessing the two pictures of the left reedpan are rotated 180 degrees?

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