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Wolf Molkentin

Nancy (Tom Clough)

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There is so much praise and comments from my musical betters in this thread that I almost hesitate to add my appreciation, but I am in awe, and awe should be expressed.


Like many others, I am a single note melody player on the EC, somewhat jealous of those who can two separate right and left hand elaborations of the tune on an anglo or duet. But to do so on an EC! If I didn't have a glimpse of how much skill it takes, I'd think it was magic. Well, come to think of it, it's not done by magic, but the effect is magical!



(the only part of the fiddle effect I get is the sawing away part)

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Thank you so much Mike for your lovely comment! made me smile, and think of that "Out of Rosenheim" scene where Marianne Sägebrecht is producing her "magic".


It's this kind of feedback from different sides that makes recording and posting here truly worthwhile for me - so I'm very glad you've chosen to add to it!


Best wishes - Wolf

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