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Unique Wheatstone Aeola
48 button
English Concertina in the Key of C
Treble range (from G below middle C, to C three octaves above middle C).

Falling within the "dear years" and "lost years" period of the Wheatstone company, this Ebony ended concertina has unique fretwork detail, and has a full rich tone.

The instrument shows only very minor cosmetic blemishes and is in superior playing condition. The bellows are in excellent shape and all buttons are responsive.

Concertina was completely looked over and serviced by the Button Box in 2013.

Instrument was part of the collection at Barleycorn Concertinas until 2010, at which time it was imported to the United States.

For a demo of the instrument, see the following YouTube video:

Available for Skype calls for interested parties.






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I thought for a long time, that an EE Aeola treble with reduced fretwork like this would be pretty unique!?

But currently there is another one fore sale at the "concertinas for sale" facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/526202860856311/

And I have another nice one, which I might sell...

All at similar prices. One in the US, one in GB and one in Germany.

My all time favourite is another reduced fretwork EE Aeola, but a 31xxx one!

I used to love loud and shrill instruments with metal ends ( I played a Boyd for many years ).

These days I prefer ebony ends and enclosed fretwork - typical for earlier Aeolas and - yes - 31xxx

Chris Algar currently has an eight-sided dot & comma Aeola for sale, which again is rare, but not unique...

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