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Henry Stanleys Mccann Tutor


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I've just started playing again after a long break-don't ask it's personal-I realised that I was pretty bad-so I got out my loose leaf Stanley's McCann tutor-copied from Stanley's personal copy-75 pages with a further 25 pages of additional exercises and have started to work my way through it again.!.Not too many have seen this. The tutor was originally lent me by Ruben Shaw who would be delighted to know others were using it.The tutor was written on imperial sized paper-my local photocopying guy is reducing this down to A4 for me so it can be easily copied.I believe that this should be in the public domain and to that end am prepared to get it photocopied for people who want it for the cost of the photocopying and some postage.The tutor is great -I once could play through it-ah well I'm on page 16 again?.this tutor is better than the Rutherford one -I have that too if you want a copy get in touch and please let others have it as neccessary. The price in the UK looks like about £ 10 plus a bit of postage.If you can play all of this tutor you can probably play Anything!

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