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Two Lachenal Anglos For Sale

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Hi C.netters,


I’ve two very nice Lachenal Anglos for sale. The first is a fully restored 32 button metal ended Salvation Army instrument; number 144,230. The second is an unrestored 30-button Rosewood ended; number 140,673 – both are in C/G and both are excellent players.


The metal-ended Salvation Army instrument came originally from Chris Algar – I bought it from the owner 2 years ago, since when it has been used very little. The pads, valves and springs were all replaced and it is responsive with a beautiful tone. The chrome end-plates are slightly pitted and the bellows have minor repairs, but they are completely airtight and serviceable. The bellows are gold embossed with black/gold bellows-papers with the letter ‘L’ on each – presumably signifying Lachenal. This instrument has a really lovely tone – it is not as loud as the Rosewood instrument but has a more ‘composed’ sound - it plays Morris, Playford and French tunes beautifully.


The Rosewood instrument is one of the fastest and loudest Lachenals I’ve ever played. It is largely unrestored … I fitted new pads from Nigel Sture to allow the instrument to be played, so prospective buyers can assess it. But it will need new springs and valves and tuning - it is currently in original High Pitch so will need to be brought to Concert Pitch. The reeds are in excellent condition; the reedpans fit very snugly and the chamber-leathers are nice and clean. This instrument is definitely a candidate for an ‘action upgrade’ … I play mostly Irish music on the anglo and in my experience it is unusual to find a Lachenal that will knock out reels like this one - even though it’s unrestored. The volume is absolutely prodigious. The bellows, whilst they are reasonably airtight, are stained and over the years have been poorly repaired in a number of places inside. It will probably need new bellows in the future. This is reflected in the asking price below.


Metal Ended 32 button - £1800 + postage – MP3 at https://soundcloud.com/microbot-2/lachenal-anglo-32-button-cg-concertina


Rosewood 30 button - £1300 + postage -- Mp3 at https://soundcloud.com/microbot-2/rosewood-lachenal-30-button-anglo-concertina-in-cg


I don’t know what the limit is for photos on C.net so I’ll put up just a couple of photos of each instrument ... I can post/send more if required.


If you are interested, please contact me by pm. The customary donation to Cnet will be made if a sale results.


Mike Rowbotham (UK based)







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Hi everyone,


I've been asked whether the instruments are standard size - ie 6 1/4 inches across, which both of them are.


I've also been asked for further pictures including reeds and reedpans which I'll do at the earliest opportunity... hopefully later today.




Mike R

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