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Dating Two Lachenals


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I have recently purchased two Lachenals, one is an English serial no. 42538, the other is a Crane duet no. 624. According to the guesstimate in the faq they would have been produced in 1905 and 1870 respectively (the seller gave 1891 for the English, not 1905), but the faq states the formulae are rather incorrect.


Please help.


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I estimate the year of manufacture of No 42538 as 1904. I have a receipt for No. 42146--a 64 key Edeophone sold in Liverpool to Charles East on April 11, 1904.

Crane duets not only had a number series separate for English and Anglo Lachenals, but also separate from the Maccann duet series (until about 1910 when the two duet series merged into a single series). Cranes appeared before 1900 (John Buttersworth patent of September 1896). I estimate the year of manufacture for Crane No. 624 as 1907--but I am stil working on that dating, and it may have been made a little earlier.

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Here are a few pics. On the right hand side, I have restored the fretwork. The work isn´t finished and I am not sure whether I´ll try to make it unrecognisable from the original or let the differences show so it is clear what is new.




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