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David Levine

A/e Concertina - 30 Button Edgley Hybrid - $1,550 Incl. Shipping

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A while ago I bought a 30 button Ab/Eb Frank Edgley Anglo concertina from a fellow musician, so that I could play along with pipers who play a flat set. However, my friend’s new pipes were tuned in B, so the Ab/Eb concertina wasn’t of much help. The concertina “translated” to Bb rather than B.

I contacted Frank Edgley and we worked out a swap. I sent Frank my Ab/Eb reeds and in return he kindly sent me a new set of A/E reeds. With the new reeds I was able to play in perfect tune with the B pipes, using standard concertina “D” fingering. Things change, however, and I am not getting as much use out of the concertina as I’d hoped. I do love to play it because of its lovely sound (chords sound wonderful), but I have enough to do with the C/G Anglo and the flute.

I am offering the concertina for sale. To quote Frank, the Tipo A Mano Italian steel reeds are “the very best hand-made reeds available. These are specially made and designed … to be very sensitive and responsive, and to produce the most traditional concertina sound.” Plain black 7-fold bellows and stainless steel ends.

The concertina is as loud as the B pipes, are in perfect tune, and respond quickly. It is a delight to play. I changed the layout so that it has a traditional Jeffries layout: C#/C# and Eb/Eb. Setting up the instrument, swapping reeds, final tuning, necessary adjustments, etc, took me the better part of a week. The concertina will come in a Pelican style waterproof storm case that is very strong and very protective.

I am asking for $1,550, which will include shipping. I think this is about half the cost of a new Edgley concertina. It is in as-new condition. It is a lovely instrument and I am not desperate to sell it, so while I will consider offers I will not be giving it away.


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