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Cowboy Concertina - New Book?


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Ok, a big shout out to Don Taylor and dasherma for correctly answering the contest question!


I'm still willing to give one more book away, and it now comes with a very special musical download, so send me a PM if you know it. 



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Ok, we have our winners!


Thanks to Don and Doug and Bill for correctly guessing "At the End of the Santa Fe Trail" - written by a concertina player! (but performed only with vocal and guitar on his CD).


As you know, I often like to include a few newer songs in the books along with the old traditional ones, and in this case reached out to the UK to who might seem like a very unlikely contributor. Although many of you may know Bernard Wrigley for his hilarious songs and monologues, and especially his gigantic bass concertina, he has also written and performed a lot of "normal" songs too. So, it's been a real treat to sneak in a relatively new "English" song along with all the mostly traditional old cowboy songs. And yes, it's very appropriate since many of the original cowboys were immigrants from the British Isles and they would have brought their own songs and tunes with them.


And extra kudos to Bernard - when he heard about our little contest he graciously offered to send the winners a digital copy of his album "Albert, Arthur and the Car Park" that features his cowboy song, which you can find here at:  www.bernardwrigley.bandcamp.com.


Congrats to all and thanks for playing!



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Re: Cowboy songs out of copyright:

I know I’m replying too late for this book, Cowboy Concertina, but hopefully there will be a volume two. There is a book by Katie Lee, “10,000 Goddam Cattle: A History of The American Cowboy in Song, Story, and Verse.” She collected many old cowboy songs, some of which I’ve never seen elsewhere. I bought a copy years ago, and still sing some of these to my children. Some are classics, and some are versions I’ve only seen in this book. I imagine most are out of copyright. 
I hope you can bring these songs back to life again with some concertina tunes. 


PS.  It turns out she’s a legend in the Southwest. 

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