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Phenomenal Concertina Player In Band Imar


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Ive yet to see him in the flesh but i think ive bought most everything he's played on :-) I seem to remember him getting discussed on this forum last year when he was up for Radio 2's young folk musician of the year

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Wow. I just read this thread a half hour ago and followed them to this tune, and I’ve now learned it!

T:l'Air Mignonne
C:Simon Riopel
EAB|c>c ce|cB AB|c>c ce|cB AB|
    F3   A|E3  c|1BA GA|B:|2BA GB|AB ce||
  |:f>f fa|fe ce|f>f fa|fe cA|
    F>F FA|E3  c|1BA GA|BE ce:|2BA GB|A||

Edited to add: The composer plays a C# rather than a B at the end of the fourth measure, but I prefer the B (and the faster tempo) as Ímar plays it.

Edited by David Barnert
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To each their own, I say. He's obviously very technically talented, but it all sounds very frantic to my ear, and where is the melody? Of course, I'm a Mrs Crotty fan...

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I may be way off here, but I also wanted to add that I'm not sure that this groups (and many like them) style/sound is in the traditional catagory. To me, the style is a definite offshoot from traditional and quite modern.

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For what it's worth, L'Air Mignonne shares the first half its A and B parts with The Eagle's Whistle, and so we have an excuse to share this great Boys of the Lough clip:



Close, but not quite. Eagle's Whistle is in a triple meter, and l'Air is in duple, so the stresses come out in different places. I wouldnt be surprised, however, if Riopel knew this tune when he wrote the other one and allowed himself to be influenced by it subconsciously.
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