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david robertson

Very Nice Treble Aeola With 7-Fold Bellows

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This is a cracking metal-ended Aeola that I recently took in part exchange for an ebony-ended tenor-treble. The only reason the owner wanted a change was that the treble was just too loud to accompany his own singing... and I can see his point! I sometimes try to sing with my own Jeffries, and I admit it often feels more like a contest than a collaboration.

However, if you're looking for an English that will hold its own in a session and laugh in the face of massed melodeons, this could be the one for you.

It was fitted with 7-fold bellows by Crabb around 1970, and they are still in fine, flexible and airtight condition. In 2008 Colin Dipper fitted new springs, bushings and straps, and tuned the instrument to modern concert pitch. It is fast, light and fearsomely loud.

On the cosmetic side, the nickel plating is a bit worn, but if you're looking for a wonderful player rather than a beauty-contest winner, you won't be disappointed.

I'm looking for £3000.




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David, this one looks like a fantastic instrument! The metal ended 48-key Aeolas are surprisingly rare!?

Pity, that I already have on just like it: fast and loud...

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