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Don Taylor

Concertina In Literature

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This from an article by George Orwell about Rudyard Kipling published, I think, in 1942:


"But in general ours is a civilization in which the very word ‘poetry’ evokes a hostile snigger or, at best, the sort of frozen disgust that most people feel when they hear the word ‘God’. If you are good at playing the concertina you could probably go into the nearest public bar and get yourself an appreciative audience within five minutes. But what would be the attitude of that same audience if you suggested reading them Shakespeare’s sonnets, for instance? "


Nowadays I suspect that you would get the same reaction to anyone spouting poetry or to playing the concertina. Especially, if you did both at the same time. (Hint: this is not really about a road through the wood).





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Ooops, thanks John. I should not have started a new thread, sorry about that.


Maybe the moderator could move my post to the original thread?


Thx. Don.

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