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One out of two Wheatstone Amboyna-Ended 48-Key Aeola For Sale

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UPDATE: I have two lovely Amboyna treble Aeolas.

As I don't want doubles, one of them has to go.

They are both magnificient instruments - so I leave it up to you to pick one 😉

See both in action at the link below...




Original post:

I decided to sell one of my finest instruments: a 1924 Amboyna ended 48-key Aeola.




It is in very good original condition and plays loud and fast.

I'm selling it, because I want to buy another rare Aeola - and because I have another one just like it, but quieter with alloy frames.

I used to prefer the loud ones, these days I enjoy the quieter ones. It is very interesting, how different those two almost identical instruments sound!

More details on www.concertinas.de/concertinas



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It didn't sell the first time around - so I relisted it.

If anybody is interested: you are very welcome to contact me here or by PM!

I bought it from the button-box. Including postage and customs-duties it cost me pretty much, what I'm asking...

You will not see many of those ( pre 1930 that is...). I know of five, of which I own two!

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