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Scandinavian Squeeze-in

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"Stock" as a word has a lot more meanings and connections.


Stock as in merchandise for sale.


Stock as in the basis for soup.


Stock as in part of a gun.


Stock as in stock still, rigidly motionless.


Stock as in stock-rail, part of a railway point (switch, turnout, whichever nomenclature you are familiar with).


etc. etc.


Robin Madge

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Having just got the list of attendees, the full enormity has just hit me: neither Samantha nor Erwin will be there.

No rich Russian swear words.

Well, we've known about Samantha, who has been complaining here about not being able to attend.

Maybe she could throw a few of those words into this discussion? B)

And Henk and I will do our best, though he could probably do a creditable job in Dutch alone. (I mean that the Dutch language has a fine repertoire of "cuss" words, not that Henk has a reputation for using them. :))


No infectious giggle.

I'm still hoping against hope that Concertino (Erwin) will simply show up, as he's showed up on my doorstep a couple of times. :) Since he's gone permanently on the road, communication has been difficult. Though I haven't received an email from him since before last year's SSI, the invitation I emailed wasn't returned as undeliverable (and I just left a reminder in his web site's guest book). I have received a few postcards from him over the past year. In the most recent -- a couple of weeks ago, -- he didn't mention the SSI, but did say he was trying to hitchhike northward from Spain. So as I say, I'm hoping.


Should still be good, though.  :)  :)

Good? No, sir. Great!

And what makes it great is the combination of all those who come, most definitely including yourself, Chris. :)

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