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Wanted: Mid/high End 32-40B Anglo


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Hello all,


I currently play one of these South African Wheatstone 30b Anglos, which are fairly decent, but I'm looking for something with better action and more buttons. Dipper, Suttner, Jeffries, and the like - maybe certain Lachenals or Wheatstones which would be an upgrade from what I currently have as well.


I suppose I would prefer to meet and play any potential concertinas so perhaps this ad is particularly relevant to sellers in Ireland and Scotland ( I live in Cork but travel between here and Edinburgh regularly), but open to hearing about stuff further afield.





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Aye, there is actually. That 38 button Jeffries looks like about what I'm looking for, I think I'd just want to see what comes along though and definitely play something first - don't think I'll be making any trips over to Cheshire in the near future...

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I also own a South African Wheatstone 30b Anglo. I've had to buy every concertina I own without getting to try it. I bought it from a guy on ebay. He emailed me a couple of sound clips and I bought without the luxury of getting to play it. I also bought a concertina once and then returned it to the buyer. I spent a lot of time going through the process and paid the shipping both ways. Playing the concertina has definitely been an investment of money! Good luck with your search.




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In addition to Chris Algar, you might also like to check out Theo Gibb's website (he is a regular contriubtor of knowledge to this site). He has a Jeffries 45 key CG anglo in his 'Box Shop' at present as well as a 40 key Lachenal CG which looks nice - although as an EC player I wouldn't know whether the latter is better than your present box.


Check them out at www.theboxplace.co.uk (apologies for not pasting actual link, something doesn't seem to be working - probably the requsitie part of my brain).

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Ach aye, he has some beautiful Jeffries as well! I've been down to Theo a couple times from Edinburgh to get stuff worked on. I'm just not really sure of a good solution in terms of wanting to play something first regarding Theo and Chris, short of making a special trip for it...

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