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Valuation? Crane/triumph Duet Concertina


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I inherited an old family concertina about a year ago and would like to get some vague indication of the value for insurance purposes.

It's a Crane / Triumph 48 button, apparently at least 101 years old (reference to it in a newspaper article from 1916). It was stored boxed in dry conditions for probably the past 60 years; about 5 of the reeds needed to be checked / tuned but it now plays pretty well with itself. The specialist who fixed the reeds said it's in as good condition on the inside as outside (pictures of outside attached).

The entire thing is tuned to A = 452 Hz. I have a couple of youtube videos playing it for an idea of the sound (apologies for my playing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYJChpblEGE

If anyone can help out with a value approximation, it would be much appreciated!






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As far as valuation, I have a Lachenal Crane duet of similar vintage, number 3032. When it was in the old pitch and in need of other refurbishment, it sold for 375 pounds on ebay in 2013. After restoration and retuning, I purchased it for 712 pounds in 2014. Yours has metal instead of bone buttons, the original strap, and less wear, so it's a bit nicer than mine.

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