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Mcneela 30B C/g Metal-Ended Anglo For Sale, $1,000

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Hello all,


I am selling a McNeela 30-key Anglo Concertina (Swallow), in great shape. The following is the blurb from the McNeela website:


"If you are a beginner and want to advance to the next step, this concertina is the ideal instrument for you. This concertina is made for intermediate players who have mastered the basic skills of the concertina and are looking to play more advance musical pieces. It comes with Italian Voci Armoniche double steel reeds, this gives it a bright and loud sound. The reeds are screwed to a newly made reed pan and it has Riveted action."


I would agree with the above statement completely. This instrument took me comfortably from the total beginner stage to what I would consider happily intermediate, and indeed it has some features (low draw A, comfortable reach for my relatively small hands) that I will miss on the instrument I am currently playing. I purchased this for $1,900 about a year and a half ago, but am a motivated seller at the moment. Please private message me if interested at eglosny@gmail.com. I will happily provide audio samples as well, if requested. If sold I will certainly make a donation to concertina.net. Apologies for the duplicate post, but I realized afterwards my header lacked some pertinent information.


All the best,







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