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Lachenal G/d 40 Button. Action Rebuild 18 Months

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Lachenal Metal Ended 40 button G/D Concertina. Beautiful instrument. For photos lease refer to my eBay advert where the price is higher due to their fees:




A lovely instrument which has been rebuilt in stages over the past few years.
1. Lachenal metal ended 40 button concertina re-tuned to G/D
2. New bellows in last ten years.
3. Complete overhaul and re-tune by renowned concertina maker April 2016
4. Comes with hard case and burgundy coloured gig bag.
5. You Tube video at https://youtu.be/6aNjAilBSNk
6. Asking price £2450 ovno
Full description
I bought this concertina from Barleycorn Concertinas a couple of years ago as an upgrade. I understand that it had had new bellows fitted a few years previously and been re-tuned from A flat/E flat (?) to G/D.
I played it for about a year and found the buttons on the left hand started getting a bit temperamental and didn’t seem to be quite in tune. I was advised to go to Steve Dickinson of Wheatstone Concertinas, one of the best concertina builders anywhere. As it was basically a nice instrument and worth investing in I decided to go ahead in April 2016.
He did a complete overhaul of the action, (the part where the buttons, springs and valves are), repaired the woodwork and repainted it, put new buttons on it, did a reed overhaul and re-tuned it to an “equal temperament” at 440Hz, which I gather is concertina builder speak for getting them to sound with roughly the same tone and volume.
That short paragraph doesn’t describe the difference he made to it. It was like a new instrument, or rather renewed antique instrument. The instrument is late Victorian (Serial No. 79362) and may have been used by a music hall entertainer or marching band player as it has two buttons which I would describe as being a prat fall, a sort of donkey-like uh oh sound, and the other is a whistle which rises and falls according to how hard you press the bellows. (This latter button doesn't play too loudly now though). I have put a diagram of the keyboard layout in with the photographs. It is Wheatstone/Bastari fingering I think, as Lachenal never actually made G/D concertinas apparently. It has obviously been played a lot over the years and the chrome plating on the right hand end has been worn back to the brass in a few places. I did ask around whether to have it re-plated, but the unanimous opinion was a resounding “No! It’s all part of the history of the instrument.” It is not perfect in the way a new concertina might be expected of a new instrument as it is well over 100 years old, but for an instrument which has been much played in its lifetime it is in lovely condition.
Why am I selling it? Well it turned out the left hand that was temperamental was mine rather than the concertina's! I have developed a condition which makes exerting pressure with my left hand very painful. Playing a concertina with the left hand is no longer possible for me, and it has spent most of the last 6 months sitting in its case. I think it is too good for that, and would like to sell it to someone who will play it regularly. The G/D tuning is very useful if you want to play with melodeons in sessions or for morris, or prefer something which plays in a lower pitch than C/G concertinas.
In a phone conversation with Steve Dickinson he would sell it about three and a half thousand with the case and gig bag, but as I can't offer the same sorts of guarantees he can all I want is the money I spent on it, so have put it on for a bit less than that.
I have put a video of me playing Curly Headed Plough Boy very stiffly and slowly on You Tube at the link given above.
If you would like any further information or photos please contact me. As this is an expensive item I am quite happy for you to come to my house in Gloucestershire and try it out. I am open to sensible offers. (I am happy to send to North America or Western Europe, but it will be on an as seen basis with no return. I can get a quote for insured shipping as needed. Uk postage is included in the price)
Thanks for looking.


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